The meaning behind Psyfari goes back to a time when animals lived in the now, a time when animals were silly, and fun! They didn’t just sit around all day staring at facebook. The wilderness was where they escaped to…
A place that didn’t need paved streets or mobile coverage…
A place that they could dance and play…
A place they could be themselves!
Life was simple and life was wild.



Get ready, you wild, tropical beasts… it’s time to gather, and get together!
Psyfari Jamboree is a new evolution of our beloved Psyfari Festival, and we reckon it might be a smidgen more special than ever. This event will be a little more intimate, a little smaller than our last Psyfari. We’ll be tucked away in a new setting, with some beautiful fresh scenery to admire as we dance, play, and camp under the stars.

Psyfari Jamboree is a safe, fun place where we can express ourselves joyfully, connect with our own souls and each other, put our silly phones away and have a REAL GOOD TIME!

Like all Psyfaris we know and love, there will be a tasty buffet of music acts, live art, interesting workshops, inspiring talks, delicious food, markets full of treasures and some highly skilled performers. There will be plenty to enjoy and lots of mucking around to be had!

The most valuable and unique thing about Psyfari Jamboree is that it’s lovingly curated to cultivate a strong sense of community. The flow of the program is specifically designed to bring people together; all the happy animals, feathered or furry, young and old. It’s a place to bond with our besties, befriend new buddies and let the party carry us all together through the wild and wicked weekend!



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