Located in the stunning Tharwa region in the A.C.T, Caloola Farm is set on 500 acres backing onto the Namadgi national park

With a rich history of community development, projects and events, Caloola is a very welcoming space and the perfect venue for Psyfari Jamboree.


Caloola Farm is located south of Canberra, and is roughly 50 minutes from the airport or from the city centre. Driving directions will be published closer to the event. There are shuttle buses available from Sydney, and lifts from/to Canberra.
The roads leading to the site are in great condition, both 2WD and 4WD vehicles should have no difficulty. Be sure to plan your trip to and from the site, make sure to fill up fuel before leaving civilisation. And MOST IMPORTANTLY: DRIVE SAFELY.  
The area around the site is teaming with wildlife. So drive safe, keep to the speed limits, and enjoy the drive.
All attendees, crew, and artists camp on site for the duration of the festival. Camping is included in the ticket price, and there will be an optional separate camping area for families with kids to help ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.




Safe driving requires good judgement and sharp concentration. 

If you have not had sufficient rest, or if you have consumed alcohol or illegal drugs, please DO NOT consider driving. Not only is driving with illicit drugs in your system illegal, it is also dangerous, and you are putting not only yourself but also other road users at risk. Illegal drugs can be detected in your saliva by a roadside drug test for a significant time after use, even if you feel you are OK to drive. The only way to ensure you do not risk having illegal drugs in your system, is to not consume them, plain and simple. The laws of the outside world also apply inside festivals and Psyfari is no different. Psyfari Festival does not condone the use of illegal drugs. 

RESTING before driving long distances is essential! Please make sure you are well rested and ready to be behind the wheel for a few hours. If possible, stay until Monday. The Sunday night at Psyfari is for you to rest before heading home. 

See these links for more information on Drugs and driving, or Driver Fatigue.



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