• No pets
  • No weapons or fireworks
  • No renegade sound systems
  • No illicit drugs
  • No motorbikes/quadbikes etc.
  • No antisocial behaviour 
  • Wristband to be worn at all times
  • Do not enter neighbouring properties
  • Psyfari is a family friendly, all-ages event, however minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Please note the festival will have film and photo crews present. By attending, you agree to possibly being filmed or your photo taken for future website and promotional use

Please click here for full terms & conditions. 



Warning! before buying your tickets please read this important disclaimer:

Psyfari is not your average festival.
We welcome one and all! All ages, all looks, all walks of life.
But we expect everyone attending to also be welcoming to others.
This is the nature of this gathering.
You are not just attending this festival, you are part of this festival :)

We have a simple guideline for who should attend:
No trouble makers, no litterers, no thugs, essentially: no dickheads*

This is a family friendly event. If attending is an opportunity for you to show off how shredded you are and hop around with a glowstick while throwing your ciggie butts on the ground, then this festival is not for you. Likewise if your objective is to come and get as trashed as you can, again, this event is not for you.

Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated, and dickheads will be removed by security. Think about this before attending, it’s a long way to drive to be sent home.

But for all the non-dickheads, we welcome you! 
Please join us!


*PS: if you are actually a bulked up lad with a glowstick who is friendly and polite and doesn’t flick ciggie butts on the ground, then of course you’re welcome also! Just not if you’re a dickhead.

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